Stronger Specimen

Stronger Specimen

Stronger Specimen is a 10 week program that includes training 6 days a week for both men and women. We are taking you through all of the proper steps required to build a solid and strong foundation, which is critical in order to maximize size and strength. Stronger specimen is a deceptively simple, yet brilliantly effective training program for packing on muscle in a safe and proper way. Whether you're a beginner trainee, or a longtime vet in the game, this program is specifically designed to help you shatter PRs while maintaining lean muscle mass. You will need to test out your one rep max prior to starting this 10 week program, because we will be following percentages for the three main core lifts;deadlift, squat, and bench. At the end of this experience, you will have a more broad understanding of what your body needs in order to progressively gain mass and strength. Now lets see what you're made of!


  • Includes:

    - 10 Week Program

    - Mass Meal Plan

    -Once a week client check-ins

    *All for less than $6.00 a week