Healthier Specimen

Healthier Specimen

Healthier Specimen is a 8 week program for men and women that includes training 6 days a week with 3 alternating active recovery days. The workouts provided within this program focus on low impact exercises that are safe and effective. It is created to target strengthening specific muscle groups surrounding joints, progressing cardiovascular endurance, and improving flexibility in order to decrease pain and maximize recovery. Healthier specimen is a great choice for all ages, whether you are an athlete requiring cross training between seasons or just starting your journey into fitness and have a multitude of goals set for yourself. This 8 week routine is specifically designed to prioritize your overall health. Your body is your temple, let’s work together and start treating it like one. 


  • Includes:

    - 8 Week Program 

    - Meal Plan 

    -Once a week client check-ins 

    *All for less than $6.00 a week