Become A Specimen

Become A Specimen

Become a Specimen is the perfect start to sculpting your body the right way for both men and women. It is an 8 week program specifically designed to teach you the basics of progressive overload that is essential when building the first stage of your transformation. We do this by focusing on ever changing intensity and routine, in order to gain strength and confidence. It is time to stop letting fear control you, and take charge of your life with the help of this program. This routine will provide you with detailed instructions so that you can guarantee that you are building muscle and shredding fat without question. It is divided into phases that gradually become more challenging as you become more accustomed to moving weight like a pro. Regardless of what your current level of fitness may be, this easy to follow program will take you to the next level in no time. Once you accomplish this routine, you will be ready to smash our more advanced programs such as stronger and shredded specimen. Are you ready to Become a Specimen? 


  • Includes:

    - 8 Week Program

    - Meal Plan

    -Once a week client check-ins

    *All for less than $6.00 a week